This is a continuation of the the Baja Camera System®   install.  I felt the headliner was a project all in itself and should be separated from the camera install.

I began by removing the headliner from the Toyota FJ. Then I put the camera system in place, faux installed the headliner and by touch marked where I needed to make the cut-outs for the camera pods --I wanted to make minimal cuts. Placed the headliner on saw horses and carefully cut out the area for the Overhead Console mount.  Once I had the rough cut I could actually install the headliner to get a precise outline. I could have tried the measurement method, but I didn't trust I would be able to cut this out just from fractions.  I was really nervous about cutting my headliner because this puppy is about $1500.00 from the dealer   YIKES

This was a project I hadn't planned on doing myself, because I thought it would be better to leave it to a professional who does these all the time. After I hired a professional (or so I thought) to complete this, after a week my truck sat in the position it was left in. Since my deadline was growing near, I decided if I wanted it done in time, I needed to do it.


After consulting with an upholstery supply company called Tempe Sales, Tempe AZ, They suggested the best way to redo the headliner would be to strip the existing material from the headliner shell.  After some time and patience it came off.  


headliner replacement on toyota fj

Time to take a breath and start the redo.

The plan was to lay out the headliner and fold it over to one side.



Then we, as in my wife and I, used the spray adhesive recommended by Tempe Sales and applied it in manageable sections, applying pressure and moving to the next section.



headliner replacement on toyota fj

I saved the modified section for last.

After applying the glue I laid the headliner over the cut out section and made a cut directly in the middle so I had equal material on each side to fold under the cut edges.



After deciding the only correct way to do the rest of the project was to pull everything back down to cover the overhead console section I removed it and laid it out to cover.  Here is the process and result...



headliner replacement on toyota fj

Re-installed the oh console and tucked the headliner back around the entire cutout, then reinstalled the headliner and here is the result.